Friday, July 27, 2007


CASAR GETS ONE AT HOME. Great for Sandy Casar of France. He took off in a breakaway early in the race, crashed into a straying dog, got back on his bike, received medical attention all along the way, and still had enough wits and power at the end of the stage to kick away from his three escapees. It was Sandy's first stage win in six years of competing in the Tour de France. It's only the second French stage win of this year's Tour, but how fitting.

VIVA LE TOUR! Lots of signs and banners reading "Viva le Tour!" A great show of passion by the people for the race that has been marred by doping revelations and the removal of the wearer of the Yellow Jersey. Some French newspapers are saying the Tour is dead, but the fans are certainly taking a different perspective.

TEST OF TRUTH. Again today, the peloton didn't care to reel in the four escapees. The peloton finished over seven minutes behind Casar and company. The riders conserved their energies for tomorrow's individual time trial, what commentators are calling "the test of truth." We'll see if Cadel Evans or Levi Leipheimer can unseat young Alberto Contador from his hold on the Yellow Jersey. Ironic that the ITT should be called "the test of truth" because the last person who won a TdF ITT turned out to be a doper. The test of truth for Vinokourov came in the form an after-stage drug test.

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