Saturday, September 13, 2008


DRAMA DEVELOPING. You've likely heard one of leading stories in sporting news this week: Lance Armstrong is planning to make a comeback as a professional cyclist, hoping to ride and win the Tour de France in 2009. This will be a dramatic story to follow as it develops.

AGE FACTOR. Is he crazy? Is he too old? Will he actually win? I will post developing story lines and comments here.

NUMBER EIGHT? Armstrong is a phenomenon already. The Texan came back from a devastating range of cancer, surgery and chemotherapy to win the grueling three-week, 2,000-mile Tour de France an unprecedented seven consecutive times. After his 2006 win at age 34, Armstrong "retired." But, apparently, he still feels like he's got a win in him. Certainly, he's got a cause burning within him. He's dedicating his effort to raising further awareness and funds for cancer research.