Thursday, July 1, 2010


Most folks in North America will watch the latter part of the Rotterdam Prologue and each of the 20 subsequent stages of the Tour de France on Versus TV cable channel.  Commentators Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwin and Bob Roll (pictured) are quite entertaining and spot-on.  Best view, best collective commentary.  Versus' website has come a long way over the past year.  I enjoy reading Liggett, Sherwin and Roll's post-stage commentaries.

But many of us will be working or away from home during the hours of the stages.  I've found that Cyclingfans always has the best possible options for viewing and/or listening to each stage of the race online.  Sometimes, I have had to view the race in one browser and listen on another, but I usually get a combination to work.

As for "ticker" type updates, I've found Cyclingnews to be the most interesting. Information about the latest happenings in each stage, from start to finish, update automatically about every three to five minutes.  No voice, not photos--just the most current info and brief commentary to monitor.  I usually use the Cyclingnews ticker for the first few hours of a stage, before the audio and video broadcasts become available.

In the right sidebar, I've posted what I've found are the best Internet sites for keeping up with the Tour. As I find others that are helpful, easy to understand, and credible (let me know sites you think are helpful), I'll post them.

Hope you get to experience as much of this grandest of the Grand Tours as possible.

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