Friday, July 2, 2010


The teams have been presented.  The contenders interviewed on international TV.  The anticipation is building.  The last preparations are made.  And there's...there's an uproar of jubilation.  What?  The Dutch are in Rotterdam's streets celebrating wildly.  The Prologue is still 24 hours away and yet the city and country are ecstatic.

It's not about the Tour de France.  It's about the Netherlands defeating World Cup favorite Brazil earlier today in South Africa.  Go Orange!  The unexpected win against the five-time World Cup champions puts Holland into the semi-finals where they will face either Ghana or Uruguay.

The soccer victory for the Netherlands will certainly brighten spirits and put levity into this already bicycle-crazy city and country.  Rotterdam has more bicyclists than motorists.  Anticipation is that more than a million people will line the route of Saturday's time-trial Prologue.  It's going to be a great launch for a great three weeks.

Congratulations to the Dutch on their soccer victory!  Now, with hearts lifted, let the Tour de France begin!

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